Home of the 3D Colored Portrait Prints 3d studio

Home of the 3D Colored Portrait Prints 3d studio

Home of the 3D Colored Portrait Prints 3d studioHome of the 3D Colored Portrait Prints 3d studioHome of the 3D Colored Portrait Prints 3d studio

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EZ 3D Studio

Here at EZ 3D we bring you the next revolutionary step in image capture technology. Our process is so simple it can be done in 10 minutes or less!

Getting started

Call and make an appointment or just walk right in and get scanned at no cost! First time buyers will receive 10% off their purchase at the point of sale. 

Capture Guidelines

For the best possible results of your scan we ask that our customers follow a few guidelines that will improve chances of a successful print. 

  1. Footwear - Please no bare feet, flip flops, or high heels. 
  2. Clothing color - Colors that are too dark may affect the scanners ability to pick up certain textures while with too bright of a color can mess with the lighting of the overall scan. 
  3. Clothing choices - Avoid clothing that is meshed or lacy, clothing that hangs loose off the body could cause unwanted textures in the print. Also we want to try and stay away from clothing that is too shiny such as clothing covered in sequins. 
  4. Breakable objects - Anything that is thinner than an inch could be susceptible to breaks on the final print. Things like purse straps, the rim of a hat, extended fingers or limbs can be easier to break off if not careful.  


EZ 3D is partnered with a company called Twindom. We send our scans to Twindom and they send us your finished 3D prints. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery once your order has been placed. If you have questions or are curious about the process, please use this link to Twindoms YouTube channel to see the entire process! 3d studio

About Us

What is EZ 3D?

3D Scanner

3D Printing Materials


Our figurines are made from a gypsonite powder that is heated and held together with a bonding agent. All Figurines are printed hollow which can make them fragile. It's important to note that all EZ 3D printed figures are strictly decorative and not meant to be handled.

Our Story


EZ 3D was founded by our owner Ron Mespelt because of a little puppy that changed his life, Ez Ryder. When the pup got to his older years and unfortunately passed, Ron wished he had a more personal way to remember his lost companion. It is his wish that other pet owners would cherish the idea of having a way to hold their beloved pet again. Ron then sparked the idea of having a figurine made from the likeness of his old friend to keep and treasure forever. Whether you have a furry friend you'd like to immortalize or just want the whole family as a long term keepsake, you know you can trust your memories with EZ 3D Studio. 

Price List

the pricing we have listed is only the most popular of the sizes we offer. please feel free to contact an ez 3d representative if you have interest in larger figurines. all ez 3d products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Pricing does not include shipping, protective coating or a base for figurine.

Contact Us

EZ 3D Studio

599 East 44th Street Unit 2, Garden City, ID 83714, US

(208) 214 7098


Monday - Friday: 8am - 3pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

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